One day the fair manager of the Washington County Fair showed up at my door. He wanted to see my “babies” which my father told stories about at their fair board meetings. After he met them he asked, “Why do you do this?” “It’s the mother in me.   I love caring for them, watching them grow and change and the attachment I have to them and them to me.”

He had traveled the country visiting other county fairs and found one of the most popular attractions was the petting zoo. Washington County Fair did not have a petting zoo and he decided I was the one to do it.

That was thirty years ago and today together with my youngest son, his wife and their two sons the petting zoo is a family business.

Is your fair looking for a true hands-on farm animal experience for your guest? Give us a call. Our animals, staff and equipment provide quality farm friendly entertainment and education.

What we do & need.

The Barnyard Petting Zoo provides hours of family fun education and entertainment with a true hands-on farm animal experience!   Although a MONUMENTAL task all of our barnyard babies are bottle reared and super friendly! This is what sets our petting zoo above any other. Visiting fair families enjoy a personal, hands-on opportunity with farm animals. We encourage touching, hugging and feeding offering a true PETTING ZOO experience.

WE PROVIDE fencing, animal handlers and an assortment of all our barnyard babies including; chicks, ducklings, pot bellied piglets, lambs, goat kids, a llama or alpaca cria and miniature baby calves, donkeys and ponies AND always a surprise baby animal. The petting zoo is open all hours the fair is charging admission. Admission to the petting zoo is FREE with our charging for cups of feed and baby bottles of milk.

WE NEED a grassy area or barn/tent, 24 hour access to cold and hot water, electricity with 4 outlets, lighting, shower facilities for handlers and any necessary people/vehicle passes.

COST is determined travel distance, number of days and fair attendance. Generally per day cost is approximately $750.00.