The Barnyard Petting Zoo, established in 1981, is a fun, educational and true petting zoo family experience allowing up-close, hands-on farm animal activity..

Little did we know when we started our collection of baby barnyard animals that our passion would one day become our livelihood.

All of our barnyard babies are birthed on the farm & are hand & bottle raised. With so many newborns, bottle feeding is extremely time consuming & a monumental task but worth all the effort when the babies bond with us….trust us & being comfortable with humans….

This hands-on approach of feeding & training enables them to be on stage & screen doing TV & movie work. Appearing on David Letterman, Good Morning America, Rachel Ray, Wendy Williams, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show with animal expert, Robert Irwin to name a few.

From preschools to colleges, daycares to nursing homes, backyard parties to mega events, family, company & corporate, fairs, festivals & community days, even wedding receptions….you name it & we’ve done it!

Our animals have been featured with Jack Hanna on Good Morning America, David Letterman and center stage at the Benedum Theatre to participate in operas, have starred on Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood, done church pageants, nativity scenes, training videos, and television commercials.

Jan with Jack Hanna

Hi!  That’s me, Jan Marchezak with animal expert, author and national television personality Jack Hanna (director, emeritus, Columbus Zoo) on the set of Good Morning America with one of our baby miniature donkeys featured on the show.  That same day the donkey and some of our other barnyard babies were also on David Letterman.  What an experience!  Jack Hanna is awesome!  He genuinely loves animals and is a strong advocate for animal education encouraging all of us in the animal industry to continue our efforts to display, educate and entertain generations on the importance of every animal and how they affect our lives.



What People Are Saying

Absolutely the best! The staff is so kind and caring and really goes above and beyond with the kids. This is our FIFTH time over the last 10 yeas having them out for a birthday party for our boys. Even the older kids and absolutely love it. Cannot say enough – you will not be disappointed!

Kristi Romanosky Hilbert

Had a petting zoo at our house for an adult Birthday Party. The crew were super nice… we had the camel, zebra, and Yak added on. The animals were so friendly. They provided more than enough food and bottles to feed all the babies. It was such a great day, that none of us will forget.

Stephanie Lee

Truly the best birthday party my daughter has ever had. Jordan was so great with all of the animals and our guests. The kids (and parents!) had a wonderful time. When the party was over, he cleaned up after the animals and you couldn’t even tell we had hosted a zoo in our front yard. What a fun experience! We ended up adopting a puppy from them, as well. He is our special memento of a wonderful birthday experience!

Cheri Sloane