“zoo to you”







Are you looking for huggable, furry, fun  to entertain and educate your students?

Have the Barnyard Petting Zoo & Pony Rides come for one class or the entire school!

Since 1981 our traveling petting zoo and pony rides have entertained thousands at area pre-schools to colleges.


WE PROVIDE:  A wide and varied assortment of all our hand and bottle fed barnyard babies including:  chicks and ducklings, baby piglets, baby lambs and goat kids of different ages, breeds, colors and sizes, a baby llama and/or alpaca, a baby miniature donkey and horse.  Puppies are included when available. 


 Animal handlers will set up a corral, open the side door of the livestock trailer and your school yard turns in to “Old McDonald’s” farm yard.  Clean up of animal waste?...all we leave you with are sweet memories.


Upon entering the petting zoo each child is offered a cup of animal grain or baby bottle of warm animal milk to feed the babies.   We encourage touching, hugging and feeding offering a true petting zoo experience by allowing an up-close, personal and hands-on farm animal activity.   Hand sanitizer is provided with every petting zoo or pony ride.


WE NEED:  Preferably a grassy area where we can park our truck and livestock trailer.  Availability to cold and some hot water.   At large schools volunteers are a great help and very much appreciated.


PONY RIDES:  Can be provided.


COST:  Determined by number of students and time involved. 




















































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