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Two-hour petting zoo: Includes assortment of all barnyard animals including: chicks and ducklings, baby pigs, lambs and goats of different ages breeds, colors and sizes, a miniature donkey & horse, a llama or alpaca and a baby miniature calf.  Puppies too, when available.  Admission to the petting zoo is FREE.  Cups of animal feed and baby bottles of animal milk are offered for sale.   COST: $750.00 for the first day, $650.00 for additional day/s.


Pony rides with petting zoo:  either $250.00/ per pony and handler per hour for FREE rides (organization may charge) OR $150.00/ per pony per day with handler and we charge for rides.


Only pony rides ... $500.00 minimum.  Additional pony and handler + $250 per hour.  Additional time +$150 per half hour.


All inclusive event:  free admission, handlers, cups of animal feed, baby bottles of animal milk and free pony rides….$1,000 per hour.  Each additional pony & handler +$250.00




Petting zoo with free cups of animal feed and baby bottles of animal milk with pony rides and handlers ... $1,000/hour. Additional pony ... +$250.00/hour.


Add a bottle baby camel or zebra to any package + $200.00 each ($350.00 both)


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